Thursday, March 27, 2014


How long ago was it
That I was just a boy
Sauntering down the street
Loving the weather and the surround
Chasing dream after dream?

How long ago when my gait
And small shoulders mirrored
Those of a samurai warrior-
Invincible lone conqueror of kingdoms;

When I pulled my mini-truck
Beaten out of roast milk tins
Studying the intricate design
For future tech inventions;

When I tinkered out of my junk box
Of wires and electronics paraphernalia
For unsolicited repairs and experiments
Perilous to life and property;

When, nature-enthralled, I kept a garden
Of every crop that could grow
When the manners of nature’s flora
Unveiled in many garden-hours?

I loved life. I still do
But the world, my childhood oyster
Remains insufferably unattainable
My fantasies of long ago
Laugh me to scorn.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Animated, my voice hushed,
Eyes darting this way, that way,
I leaned forward to decant
My thoughts, careful to retain
Dregs of ugly sediments;
And then, felt lighter, happier.

In the market of gossip
In the tall stalls of small talk
I quickly became a ware
Poorly displayed, tagged cheaply;
To be bartered, so buyers
May lend grace to their pleasure.

As curious stares impaled me
And broad grins drowned my psyche,
I felt exposed, violated;
And sought barriers that could hide,
Shield from the weakness of friends
From the plague that sickened so.

The people thrust on my world
Live up close, crammed together
And crowd me out of my life.
There are no sequestered lives,
Only a community
Abhorrent to privacy.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Wild wind in gusty rage
Peels off the soil’s surface
Whirlwinds spiral into cones
Mighty sandstorms foster
Shorter visibility.

It’s a phase in the earth’s journey
When the sun is at its meanest
Lapping up every drib of water
Emptying steam into the vastness
O, how the caked earth seeks respite!

As the volume in the heavens swells
Pockets of clouds start to company
To rescue the sphere below
Already at ignition point
From bursting into a fireball.

“To battle! To battle!”, they cry
Arsenals, pooled by the brave warriors
Have to be launched at once
Our orb must not go the way
Of other planets: arid and derelict.

But the fierce sun, chafed and grave
Routs the cheeky nebular soldiers
Who in valor let off their life’s fluid
In a staccato of raindrops which
The scorched earth licks up eagerly.

With strength for yet another ambit
The earth looks up with revived hope
Help is not far away
For the clouds, with mounting force
Muster a vengeful mutiny.

The sun, basking in the euphoria of victory
Lets down every guard
So darkness on daylight lays a siege
And the heavens giving no heed
Pour out their content earthward.

Alarmed and jolted from slumber
The sun’s hurry comes too late
And now, its striped alter ego
Bedecked in a heptad of colors
Parades the sky in splendor.

The gods are in frenzy
A deluge is feared-
Their shelters may be swept off
The Giver of rain is absolute
He holds command of all things.

Disconcerted, the sun
Alters its schemes and ways
And makes to work in concert
With earth, now in new spirits
That all earthlings may have food.


Pious counsel and invocations
Roar forth from every direction
Social gatherings provide pleasure
From deafening cacophony
Vehicles honk irritably at each other
Amidst a missilery of angry retorts
Neighborhood children actively display
Youth’s gaiety with bursting energy

Market places, motor parks, marriage parties
All teem wildly with chaotic noise

Holed up in my room, misery mounting
My noise-scarred mind intoxicates
With frustration and impotent fury
While reluctant patience drowns me

Stench, Filth and Noise have become
High-ranking kinsmen in my milieu
But the head of the tribe is Noise

Friday, December 13, 2013


Hold the hand of one who dies
To offer strength as death pries
As the chasm of sorrow deepens
And the divide in timeline widens
When the spirit slips away
Freed up from this mass of clay
Away, and ranges through the regions
Known only to death’s many legions
When dusk finds night and they merge
And this life is on death’s verge;

Then distil Pursuits to mere lightness
Cloaks of castes, shed, show man as classless
Both scepter and scythe indeed
Pare off the last call to heed
Our grip on life loosens with the grief
At passing, reminding us how brief
Man’s stay on earth, how so frail
His glory from lifelong grail
Death, Life’s avowed betrothal of dread
Takes man as pawned victim in its stead.

Night. Dark night. Eerie
Bulging eyes boring into the dark
Face bathed in perspiration
Must be no ordinary dream!
Creepy, crawly, hair-bristling;
Stomach knotted, quivering, cold.
Long, ghostly, dark figures, darting
In the flicker of light
Like flames of fire in the wind
Even the shadows have lost ease.

Thud! Crunch! Snap!
She peered into the night
Beyond the reach of light
Another twig snapped.  Leaves rustled
A thread of thoughts, worrying,
Wearying the mind
Numbed her senses
Must be one nightmare extended!
Ghosts; Demons; Beasts?
Thieves; Storm; Dream?

“I did not mean to wake you”
She lost her mind ….
The end must be now …
“I needed to heed nature’s call”
It was only her six-year-old.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Why does
Evening herald nightfall
Just like thoughts before words;
Night beget the morning
And not after its kind;
The sun rise and set
Always from east to west;
Sleep force my eyes shut
Holding captive my mind?

Daily repetitions-
The rhythm of life
A cycle pulsating
The Great Heart's beat
The tick-tock of Time’s clock
From Eternity’s past
Till Forever’s future.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


When I fret ‘cos of tomorrow
Worry and grow sad with sorrow;
And when my confidence doth fail
While fears and challenges prevail;
When I feel like a total wreck
Plunged deep, in problems, to my neck;
I muster courage and belief
Look heavenward to seek relief,
Speak in faith to the Lord my God
And soon abates the whelming flood.

If you’ll keep the spirit aglow
Through the storms your words to Him flow
He’ll restore anew your treasure
Satisfy you beyond measure.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Here I stand, alone
Friendless, in complete denial
That all labor is not gold

Here I stand, grieving
No succor from gnawing trauma
Last flickers of joy waning

Here I stand, stripped of honor
All life’s work hardly tipping the pan
Scaled against a litany of dreams

Here I stand, deceived by hope
Wondering why great efforts yield little;
The many tomorrows produce meager fruit

Here I stand, mystified
Staring at the mirages of life
Seeking my place in Creation’s purpose

Here I stand, again trusting
Believing in tomorrow’s promise
Taken in by others’ still standing